Product Description

Ikon offers doors in wood, glass and aluminium frames. With a wide range of doors, meticulously designed, architects can opt for a combination of doors for a variety of functions.

We source our wooden doors from the best manufacturers using the latest technology. Wooden doors are made from a unique 3-layer particle board, manufactured using a complex combination of chemical and engineering expertise from Germany. Every door assembly is subjected to rigorous, independent mechanical and durability tests.

They’re tested for:

  • Highly refined designs.
  • With or without option of slides at the bottom of doors.
  • Sliding operator that offers care and concern to the door.
  • vertical load
  • static torsion
  • soft and heavy body impact
  • hard body impact
  • slamming shut
  • slamming open
  • closure against obstruction
  • resistance to jarring and vibration
  • abusive force on handles
  • operating forces
  • cycling – as an indication of anticipated service life.

The result is a door that are robust enough to make you feel safe and comfortable and will withstand the daily abuse