Key Features

  • Provides Better Acoustic Insulation of 40dB
  • Solid Steel Panels of 50 / 80 / 100mm
  • Option of solid colours and wood veneer finishes
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Reusable and Recyclable partition panels
  • Seamless integration with ikon Modular Glass Partitions

Product Description

“We are not an ordinary modular partition company.” At Ikon, we can smartly integrate modular glass partitions with “solid dura walls”. Ikon offers aesthetically attractive solid dura walls that distinguish itself through ingenious design which is sleek, slim and customisable. The patented click system offers unprecedented quick assembly and unique adaptability.

Synonymous with style, performance and versatility, the dura wall elements can be made to size, both in height and width. This gives you a lot of design freedom in terms of dimensions. The same applies to the colours and textures. The panels can have a variety of surface finish like glass, fabric, steel or acoustic elements.

Aesthetically, the dura walls do not project any overlapping profiles or undesirable floor and ceiling connections. Only the finest of seams are visible between the panels and slim frames, as the connections are completely concealed. Each individual wall blends harmoniously into the whole, creating a very elegant look. The result is a wall with an aesthetic appeal that makes for a very comfortable space.