Product Description

Good hinges ensure that doors open the way we expect them to till the life of the door. They define the fulcrum - and thereby the mobility of the door - and give the door leaf a solid support. We source all our hardware from the best international suppliers. That is the very reason we extend a warranty of 50 years for our hinges. Our other hardware comes with a warranty of 5 Years. So that you are free of any issues for the rest of your life at least with regards to the door hardware. Ikon has a unique selling point in the market and sets a new standard in the premium segment.

Drop Seals

Ikon’s drop seals perform an essential role in smoke containment for doors, be it doors in glass, aluminum profiles or wood. The drop seals are also an essential part of an acoustic sealing system. The spring-loaded mechanism., requiring no power, ensures easy door operation and effective sealing when closed. Ikon can also provide drop seals for special functions like rain water prevention, very high acoustic insulation for factories or noisy buildings.

Groove Profile

Ikon offers Grooves which allow blank spaces to be filled and joined together to make a plain flat surface. Known for their rich texture, stripped pattern and ability to dramatically heighten the interest of a room, the grooves offered by Ikon are perfect solution to filling up the blank spaces.


Our skirting system covers the lowest part of an interior wall. Its purpose is to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor. They prevent the walls from damage and give it a much higher quality finished look. The skirting comes in different heights viz. 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

Edge Protection Profile

Special edge protection profiles, corner guards, stair nosings, can be provided to protect the edges of walls, stairs, tiles and a lot of things which are vulnerable to any damages.