Product Description

Good hinges ensure that doors open the way we expect them to till the life of the door. They define the fulcrum - and thereby the mobility of the door - and give the door leaf a solid support. We source all our hardware from the best international suppliers. That is the very reason we extend a warranty of 50 years for our hinges. Our other hardware comes with a warranty of 5 Years. So that you are free of any issues for the rest of your life at least with regards to the door hardware. Ikon has a unique selling point in the market and sets a new standard in the premium segment.

3D Adjustable Hinge

Hinge plates of this type are three dimensionally adjustable within the element that holds them when the door is mounted. As a result, installation is made considerably easier. The door moves in all direction and is very convenient for the installers when it comes to adjusting the groove lines and dimensions of the door and the frame.

Concealed Hinge

The quality of concealed hinge can be seen from its details. It is adjustable three-dimensionally so that the door and frame lines are very elegantly maintained. Designers today are demanding minimalistic door designs. Concealed hinges come in handy when designers are going for minimalistic door designs.

Heavy Duty Hinge

Hinge plates of this type are designed for doors weighing up to 300 kg. Hinges can be provided for even heavier doors on special requests. These hinges are absolutely maintenance-free and work without any lubrication.

Glass Hinge

When you want to go for a frameless glass door then glass hinges mount the door on the frame very craftily, without hampering the transparency of the door. We have glass hinges of two types - At the corners of the glass or on the side edge depending upon your design.

Flush Hinge

Flush hinge is the economical solution to any project, where you want to fulfil the basic requirement of the door.