Key Features

  • Slim Profile Size
  • Continuous Groove running around the partition
  • Heavy and Strong Profiles in its segment
  • Rubber Profiles on all sides to prevents leakage of sound
  • Dedicated Door Frame, Monolithic Door Frame
  • Articulated Grooves in the door frame and door stopper
  • Options of multiple anodised finishes, powder coating and wooden finishes

Product Description

Vico is the perfectly designed single glazed partitioning system which is based on the concept of “less is the new more”. The profiles are of unique design made exclusively available by our designers to have a clean appearance giving a near seamless look. Sleek, symmetrical head and base tracks, complemented by a slim aluminium door frame with an option of crystal-clear dry joints, give the system a minimalist appearance.

A choice of frame, colour and several glass or veneered door options can be combined to create stylish and modern office spaces. The unique design of the profiles forms a distinct groove between two different partition systems. With an embedded groove, the partitions provide a smooth transition from any surface to glass partitions. The door frames offer mitred joints which enhance the exquisiteness of the partitions. The simplistic and minimalist designs give maximum performance in both, acoustic insulation and in transparency.